(1): '/usr/bin/hdiutil' error when trying to create an Adobe CS6 master collection DMG

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Trying to create an Adobe Master Collection CS6 DMG using composer but right at the when is about to finish creating the DMG, I get the error listed below:

Error: Command failed with error code (1): '/usr/bin/hdiutil'

I have read a few of the post on the forum but hasn't help me with the issue.

The weird thing is that if I do three software at the time (e.g. Adobe X Acrobat Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator, i'm able to do the DMG. Same goes if I try three different ones and so on.

I'm also able to do a PKG of the whole Adobe suite with no issues.

The reason I want a DMG is because we use Deploy Studio with a script that installs the suite and a pkg that contains the serial number. Unless someone can tell me how to deploy it via Casper?

Any ideas as to why the DMG would fail at the last step?




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For CS6 I've always used Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) which creates the serialised packages ready for deployment with Casper.


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I too ran into this with some Adobe stuff and a few other pieces of software. I do tend to use the AAMEE however check out this discussion, particularly the last comment by @pvillave which steps you through a work around.


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@PatrickD thanks:)