Configuration Profiles via VPN connection

New Contributor

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen: we had a problem with configuration files being pushed while the client is connected via VPN. My network colleague added a static route to apple so it should work now. BUT: I made a test Configuration Profile called "dock left" which should (guess what) put the dock to the left. The profile is being pushed and can be seen in the profiles list on the client and is "completed" in the JSS, but the dock is still at the bottom. Afterwards I changed the profile so the dock should be on the right side. After being pushed - it was on the left side. So after some more tests I realized that the profile on the list displays the correct setting, but the client is always one step behind in what he does. Profile list: dock left - dock is still at the bottom. Profile list: dock right - dock is on the left. I tried it with several profiles. It always applies the second to last. Dock left -> greyscale: greyscale is applied. Dock left -> greyscale -> cursor size 4: dock left and greyscale are applied. Remove greyscale -> Dock left is deleted. Cursor size 4 -> greyscale is deleted. And so on…

Does anyone have a clue what to do? My network colleague and i are helpless after one and a half hours of troubleshooting.