10.8 bound to AD but still being prompted for SMB credentials?

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Good <time appropriate greeting>. I'm running into an issue that I don't really even know how to start troubleshooting. We're just starting to get in to the world of Mac's being bound to AD and are running into an issue with SMB shares, with JSS helping us with certain profiles, software, etc.

If a new account logs in with their AD credentials, (create the mobile profile at login), the user can hit SMB shares without having to enter their credentials again. The wireless network (configured by profile to use the Loginwindow for credentials) works as well. However if I logout or reboot that computer, when I log back in I can't connect to any SMB shares without re-entering the user credentials. Once I enter the credentials for a single network share though, I can get in to any other domain share. The wireless seems to come back without having to re-enter the credentials but SMB does not. Any takers?


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Have you took a look about the kerberos-ticket? It sounds that the User will not get a valid ticket after second login.