10.8 DHCP Server

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Having an issue with a 10.8 Mini Server running DHCP. I have 4 VLAN's and on my wireless one I get an IP address conflict from time to time. Talked to Apple about this and they bascially told me that my network was too complex, that they only can support a 1 Network set up. What do you all use for DHCP? I don't want to go the MS route.



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Without knowing the full details of your network, what about creating virtual interfaces? This way:

DHCP Scope (192.168.11.x/24) on vEth1 DHCP Scope (192.168.12.x/24) on vEth2 DHCP Scope (192.168.13.x/24) on vEth3 DHCP Scope (192.168.14.x/24) on vEth4

Never tried it, just an idea.

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We are running several different VLANs on our 10.8 Mac Mini servers. The only issue that we have encountered with the setup is that the server becomes unresponsive to DHCP requests. I have not run into the IP address conflicts issue though. Have you double checked all of the DHCP settings to make sure that there was not a config issue?

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Are you using Layer 3 switches? (e.g. Cisco 3750)
If it's not a very large network, you can do interVLAN routing and DHCP on a Cisco layer 3 switch itself without compromising the performance.

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We are using HP Procurve Switches. I've got 3 Scopes. Wired, Wireless, Guest Wireless.

I have a DHCP helper in the Core Switch pointing back to the DHCP server. I see the conflict in the DHCP but can't remove the client. https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D7162165_70148471_940134