10.9 Filevault and Casper 8.63.


We're still on Casper 8.63 and I've set up FV2 encryption with an institutional key. The FV2 set up is only available via Self Service. I set this up months ago.

Can this be used on an 10.9 Mac?

Thanks in advance.


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I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that the only version of Casper 8.x that supports Mavericks is 8.73, so if you're using 8.63 it's possible, most if not all, management functionalities of Casper would not work with 10.9 clients.

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I would also recommend updating to 8.73 before managing 10.9 Macs. The FileVault 2 management capabilities of 8.63 are identical to those found on 8.73, but you may see unexpected wonkiness because the 8.63 jamf binary isn't compatible with 10.9 Macs.