100 item category limit when assigning to scripts and jamf apps

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Here's a weird one. I have an issue where when assigning a category in certain locations, scripts, and jamf apps being two of them, I can't select a category if it's alphabetically past 100. It doesn't keep scrolling.

We have several sites and admins who make their own categories across thousands of machines so not being able to do this is not ideal.

Anyone else seen this behavior? Again it can be replicated by making 101 categories, go into scripts, you cant assign the 101st category



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I would suggest reaching out to JAMF on this, it could be a product limitation. I would attempt to duplicate, but I only use 26 categories and I thought I had a lot.


For uniformity sake it may be a good idea to not let your site admins create their own categories. 100+ categories seems like its overly granular for what categories were intended to be. Though JAMF sites is most certainly much less than it should be.

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This has been listed under the Known Issues for a while now.

PI104827 - PI-008564 - In environments with more than 100 categories, Jamf Pro fails to correctly display the categories when attempting to add a script.

We started seeing this over a year ago after upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.30, IIRC, and it still hasn't been fixed.  @jclark27 please file a ticket against this Product Issue to help raise the priority of getting it fixed.

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Thanks guys! Yeah we definitely would like to prune our categories, it's just tough since there are nearly a dozen IT divisional leaders who run their sites in our environment, some with a couple thousand machines across multiple departments.

Thank you so much for the info about the known issues @spalmer . I actually did raise a ticket with JAMF.