1hr policy timeout frustration

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Background: in case you don't know, if a policy fails there's an internal timeout of an hour before it will run again.

There's a db hack for this to shorten this timeout. Doesn't work if you're on jamf cloud as no db access. The other hack to get around this is to edit a policy then save it again,

What I want to know is this: When is Jamf getting rid of this bloody awful thing? It's not very helpful, and if you have as many policies as I do tied to a custom trigger then working out what went wrong is plain impossible.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hit edit and save on about 25 different policies now. Immensely frustration. Jamf, please FIX this.


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Yes, please, we run into this all the time with 2500 students who try to use self service, policy fails for whatever reason, and they retry and get frustrated when it doesn't work. Jamf helped us changed the default timeout down to 2-5 minutes or something, lucky us we're on prem i guess. Why isn't this configurable in the GUI, along with JSS timeout, etc?

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@franton Thanks, that explains a major annoyance with repeated Self Service failures. I'm curious though if you're seeing an error in the JSS Policy logs when you encounter this problem? It's been my experience to have no error in the Policy log, and the Status is still showing as Pending.

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@StoneMagnet There is zero error logging. The policy fails to function as though it didn't exist.

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Agree 100%. We don’t need Jamf to handhold or implement major changes with no documentation. Kind of harsh... extremely frustrating to troubleshoot though.

Upvote my feature request! https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/6432/add-policy-blackout-period-configuration

Please give us the option to configure. I don’t need Jamf trying to save me from myself. If I’m writing and using scripts I take responsibility for what I do.

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And with ZERO warning, every single policy I've attached to my deploy trigger no longer works. I've over 30 of the damn things and the only work around is to edit save every single one? This has got past annoying and is now in NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

And this isn't even a production system yet. God help us if it ever does go live.

JAMF, please FIX this. Take this damn timeout out or at least turn it down to a minute or two.

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totally agree, makes testing a policy a nightmare when you need to run it several times in succession

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PI-003515 vote-up here!