30-day Sonoma Deferral Profile = not working?

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My 30-day deferral of Sonoma in my Jamf Pro Restrictions profile should have lapsed by now (October 26th marked ~30 days since Sonoma dropped, right?), but my Macs that are scoped to a 30-day deferral still dont see Sonoma in the SU Settings pane on Ventura 13.6.x or softwareupdate cli tools. Any thoughts on this? Anyone else experienced this?


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Can you post screenshots of your profile here? Are you using the built-in payload or a custom one? What I did was use JSON for the major upgrade deferral and I have another for minor macOS update deferrals, also created with JSON. I like using JSON because it avoids any extra payloads creeping into my profiles that I didn't want to be there. There could also be a conflict happening with another profile.