802.1x profile

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I have a Filewave server that distributes a Config Profile for 802.1x, that works fine. I’m now trying to re-create that profile in my new JSS but I’m missing something since the working profile from my FW-server sends computerobject in the Login request, the JSS-profile doesn’t and I can’t understand why.

@bentoms told me to use $COMPUTERNAME (ref: http://docs.jamf.com/9.99.0/casper-suite/administrator-guide/Computer_Configuration_Profiles.html) and said that I should use "Directory authentication" and add the $COMPTERNAME variable in the User-field there - but the possibility to enter a username there dissapears when selecting the “Use Directory Authentication”-checkbox…

So, how do I configure the profile to use the $COMPUTERNAME variable when sending the login request?