9.93 Patch Management & Smart Groups

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I want to make sure I understand how the Smart Group criteria for 9.93's new Patch Management feature works.


When building a Smart Group for tracking Adobe Flash plug-in, do I also need to check for the exisitence of the plug-in as well (Plug-in Title = x)? Or do I just need the version number criteria?

See my screenshot for clarification.



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Flash player is populated by an EA script which checks for the version.plist. They way your group is constructed, you are kind of testing the same thing twice. One is the existence of a directory (Flash Player.plugin) the other is the existence of a file (version.plist) in that directory.

You don't need the Plugin-in Title. I imagine there may be a case where you don't have the version.plist AND still have it installed, but something would have to go pretty wrong for that to happen.

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Thanks @jack_bishop I figured it might be redundant, but wanted a sanity check from another pair of (more experienced) eyeballs. Thanks.