A better way to scope applications to users

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I work in a school district and each school has approx. 2500 Ipads that we need to deploy applications to and need a better way to do that then creat a static group under users and add the users one by one, if a smart group could be used instead of static that could be helpful, like adding criteria like model for one, but there has to be a better way


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You can scope to a smart group that depends on model.

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Are you making the apps available in self service with vpp codes or using managed vpp licenses?
I tend to scope via smart groups with that year level's config profile as the base and then refine from there.

What exactly do you need to be in your group?

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I created a smart user group and used site to distinguish which school it would be targeting (I also scoped to a "like" email field because I only wanted to target student devices). This way works, but I've spoke with JAMF recently and discovered an even better way assuming your environment is using LDAP. Scope the app to All Users, but use the Limitation tab and limit to users in certain LDAP groups. I was told by JAMF just the other day that this is the preferred method of scoping to users.