Account has been Disabled

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One of our users typed in the wrong password to her computer multiple times. I used the recovery key to change the password, after successfully changing the password, she gets the message that says "Account has been disabled" see screenshot below. usually, when I get this message on DEP Enrolled devices I am able to unlock the account in Jamf Pro by clicking manage the unlock account under Local account option, but on user-initiated enrollment devices, the unlock Account option does not show up. Any advice on how I unlock the account?

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Following as We’ve had this too


sudo pwpolicy -clearaccountpolicies

This happened today. You'll need to access the system from another account though. Could be a challenge if there isn't another account. We reset the user's password and were still locked out. Logged in with the "admin" account after changing that unknown password in recovery. Then ran the pwpolicy and the account was able to log in.