Activating FileVault 2 Causes a black screen & Can't be enabled error

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I'm currently having a couple of issues when deploying FileVault 2 to newly enrolled Macs via configuration profiles (one for High Sierra or later and one for earlier OS's.)

When users log out or restart - After they've entered their password to enable FileVault they're then presented with a Black screen with just the cursor OR they receive the error Filevault cannot be enabled.

Has anyone come across this, and if so, did they find a work around?



On High Sierra or higher I'd suggest enabling FV on login. This is because before enabling the user (I assume they are not admins) they'll get prompted to enter the secure token admin accounts pw. Only accounts created via the systemprefs folder or welcome assistant are given secure token admin privileges.

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Hi Kowsar,

Thanks for the response.

That is the case, unfortunately. All Users were created as Standard accounts after an initial Admin account was created.

When you say enable FileVault at login, is this something you can do via a policy/configuration profile?