Active Directory Logins (slow)


Like many folks, I've just discovered how wonderfully slow AD bound macs can be.

I've tried unchecking the option to "allow authentication from any domain in the forest".

Is there any way to shorten the timeout period? It looks like there used to be an ActiveDirectory.plist but I can't seem to locate it on my 10.10 machine. My main concern is for my remote folks who do not have a constant vpn connection experiencing extremely high login times because the domain isn't externally facing.

Thanks for any tips in advance!


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Do your users have a lot of group memberships with complicated nesting? The AD plugin does a lot of querying and caching, and if you have high latency to your domain controller this adds up significantly. It's just not that efficient, but it gets better with each OS release.

Try testing with a regular user account and a fresh "test" account that has no group memberships and see what the delta is.