AD home directory disappear from few Mac in Big sur

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I had integrate a classroom with 11 iMac M1 (Big sur) in my AD

They did work correctly few weeks, the globe's shorcut appeared automatically in the dock and worked correctly

But now this shortcut has disappeared and i don't know how replace it


Do you have a solution for this please ?

Or do you know how to create a similar shortcut with Jamf ?

Thanks a lot


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I had a similar issue. Our devices mount their home drive from an AD derived unc path on logging in and when we first got our M1's with Big Sur that seemed to still work... until it didn't. With no explanation. We found that the SMB: protocol connecting the drive didn't work manually but CIFS did. Our solution was to create a script that runs on login that mounts the home drive using cifs protocol. Try to manually connect to the share with Connect To Server with cifs://networkpathtoshare and see if that works and check if smb://networkpathtoshare works or not also.