Add old computers to DEP

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Has anyone managed to add computers to DEP that were purchased before your company was enrolled in DEP.
Google tells me for iOS devices this can be done with Apple Configurator, but what about OSX devices?
End-goal: To be able to internet recover computers purchased before DEP was setup and have them follow the DEP enrollment.


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To enroll previous purchased computers you'll need to reach out to the company you bought them from. If they are an authorized reseller enrolled with DEP, they'll need to enter in the serial numbers in the portal. Once all the input is complete on their end, you'll need to add them as a 'Reseller / Supplier' in the Apple Deployment Programs portal.

We just recently went through this same process. Takes a bit of time to get everything organized but it's well worth it.

Contributor III is right! Thats the only way to do macOS devices, hopefully it'll be like iOS devices one day.

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Check with the company you bought from first too. Some of them apparently charge a service fee to add machines to DEP (that's a ripoff, the jerks). Depending on how many machines you're talking about it can be a rather tedious task to figure out what machines need to be added to DEP in their system. B&H Photo went through several years to find all the eligible Apple devices for us, but we're also a big buyer through them and it seems that their records were much better organized to fulfill our request. I don't know if Apple will do the same thing (ironically enough). I'm unfamiliar with how other vendors (Ingram Micro, etc) will handle the request.