Add printers without admin rights

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We are currently rolling out Macbook Pros to mobile users that need the
ability to add printers on their own when in not company locations. We are
not wanting to give these users admin rights. Has anyone been able to
produce a script or a package that will open up the ability to add printers
sans Admin?


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There is still a printer utility in Leopard.. Its in /System/Library/CoreServices, I believe.

I have not done this myself, but I have read of people putting a symlink for the printer utility into /Applications to allow users to add printers.

I believe modifying the /etc/authorization file, whether via package or script, ought to allow you to grant functions that belong to admins by default to any user, group or everyone. If I recall correctly, afp548 has a good article on /etc/authorization.

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In version 6 of Casper you can set up self serve, which will allow your mobile users access to install apps/printers/whatever through a web browser.

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Create a link to the core service and comment these lines in the cupsd.conf file(the first one is obviously already commented.

# All administration operations require an administrator to authenticate... <Limit CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer CUPS-Delete-Printer CUPS-Add-Modify-Class CUPS-Delete-Class CUPS-Set-Default> AuthType Default Require user @SYSTEM Order deny,allow </Limit>

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