License Information Not Traveling to Images

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Hi, we're relatively new to this whole imaging thing, our Jump Start ended
yesterday, and we've run into a problem that looks like it's bound to repeat
itself with other software.

We're running Graphic Converter under a site license. In the old days, when
we simply clones machines using Carbon Copy Cloner or something similar, all
of the licensing information got properly copied over to each machine. But
for some reason, after packaged and deployed Graphic Converter using Casper
this afternoon, all of the target machines asked for the license code. The
same thing happened with EazyDraw Pro.

Is there some trick to getting this to work properly, like some file we have
to push out with the application?


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The answer will be different for each application. In most cases, there is a file or files that need to be placed in the appropriate locations.

I would recommend contacting the manufacturer first and explaining that you have a site license and are trying to do an enterprise deployment. I've found most manufacturers to be helpful in this regard.

If the manufacturer can't or won't help, you can build a "new and modified" package and examine the package contents for likely candidates. Some software puts the license flies in poor places, such as ~/Library or /Users/Shared.

With stubborn titles from smaller manufacturers, I've been able to negotiate for "cracked" copies where the vendor sends a copy of the app that has its licensing system disabled.

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