Adding a custom icon to Self Service policy

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We've compiled some core audio libraries for Ableton Live into a package that we want to make available in Self Service. We would like to make this identifiable by adding a custom icon to Self Service. A policy was scoped to install the package containing the libraries but when we try to add a custom icon, the uploading progress bar just stalls and times out. We've verified that our icon is within the requirements: 128x128 and is a .png file pulled directly from the app as recommended in prior posts. The file itself is under 10kb. Anyone experience similar issues?


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Never had that issue, but you could try

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I've noticed that PNG icons with alpha channels (transparency) don't show in the JSS in Chrome v31, though they do work in Self Service.

I usually copy the original icon from an app, paste that into a new document in Preview, select the 128px version and copy and paste that into another new document, save as a PNG and upload.