Adding a plist file to a network user's Library/Preferences folder

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I am trying to compose and deploy an application to my computer lab that includes a License Key.

When I'm logged in as admin I run a new/modified snapshot. I install the app, open it, enter the key, close the app and finish snapshot. If I create the package and deploy via Remote, it runs fine for the Admin user.

My issue is, whenever I log into a network user account, it asks for the key. I see in my composer source after I open the app and type in the license key, it creates a plist file in User/Admin/Library/Preferences. If I copy that plist file into User/JaneDoe/Library/Preferences, it no longer requires them to enter the key.

Is there way to accomplish this in composer? or does anyone have a better method to deploy the license code to network users?


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I would package the plist file separate from the actual application, and then set a policy scoped to your lab to install the plist with the frequency set to "Once per user".

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It sounds like you need to save it as a dmg package in composer, then use the FUT (Fill User Template) and FUE (Fill Existing Users) options when deploying it.

If its just a standard pkg, or you are deploying without the FUT & FUE options it will just install it in the same location it came from (i.e. /Users/Admin/Library/Preferences)

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I'm with @stevewood package the app and the settings files seperately, makes it easier when you want to upgrade it later as the settings frequently don't require changes with minor application updates.

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If your network users are not using Mobile Accounts then you may need to make a change in the jamf plist as described in the following feature request/discussion:

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you could always try putting this plist in the /Library/Preferences folder first. Some apps will work this way, rather than copying it to every network users homefolder.