Adding Printers and Presets through Jamf

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I've read several posts of techs using Jamf Admin to capture the already-installed printer and then "packaging" the driver to run on the same policy. I then put both printer and printer driver in same policy to push out. I first install upload the DMG file in composer and it pushes out another DMG file which i made the owner Root (0) and Group wheel (0). However, when I go over to my test machine I see a generic printer installed and the driver is no where to be seen. What did I do wrong?

I am also trying to copy the printer presets but that doesn't seem to be working either. Any advise would be much appreciated.


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Hey there. Welcome to JAMFNation. Sorry, you're probably not seeing a lot of responses because this is a topic usually covered in early JAMF training. Also, you'll find a few ways to walk through this in the admin guide. However, I'll keep a few things short. There are a few ways to deal with this. You could use JAMF admin to capture and distribute printers. This is what you're likely to see in the documentation.

From my side of things, I would generally distribute either a specific PPD or install whatever drivers I can get from the manufacturer. Generally, these are already .pkg's that you can simply distribute. Then I would use lpadmin commands to install the printer/copier and define its configuration.

Now, things are getting a bit more interesting now-a-days between Apple and... almost everyone that makes a printer. What does your fleet look like?