Adding snooze button to end user facing dialog box.

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Hi all.

We have parameters set within the JSS to push out critical updates overnight on certain days of the week. After the updates have been downloaded to client computers, the end user is prompted with the following dialog box:

The issue is that most end users don't follow the displayed instructions and will continue to work, and are then greeted rudely by a restart fifteen minutes later. Is it possible to add a snooze button to the dialog box to defer the restart?


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I can't view your link (blocked from my company) but what tool are you using for your dialog box?

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I personally use control scripts (displaying CocoaDialog prompts to users) around these sort of actions, giving users a pop-up with a "postpone" option. The script tracks postponements in a plist file, and I can set a threshold using script parameters that will force the install if a user postpones too often, so they have plenty of opportunities to avoid a forced restart.

With additional logic, I also track the user and their actions and log that to a local file and echo it back to Casper so I can see what happened when I look at server logs (dialog timed out, user "soandso" clicked "postpone," etc).

CocoaDialog is pretty flexible with user interaction options, but the real magic comes when you have someone who is good at creating the logic around it and writing a robust script to control the process.


I do the same thing that @alexjdale does. This may not work for your particular scenario, but I wrote this a little while back that might give you good starting point for your particular scenario: