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Disable iCloud Prompt from first login

Every year we re-image the student laptops. Some of the young students that use laptops. When we click on the User account that these young students the iCloud Prompt pops up. I know there are scripts out there to do this. We even used it in the past...  View more

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Screen Saver only wakes up with Power Button

Hi Folks, I am not sure when this first started, but I did notice this in the past couple of days. We are on JSS 9.93 and using El Capitan in our labs. Since moving into these versions, we have noticed if the screen saver has been running for an hour...  View more

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DEP on devices after they've been deployed (OS X)

I have already deployed a number of Macs to my staff members and enrolled them via a QuickAdd package. We are now being asked to use the Apple DEP program on these devices however it is important that my users don't have to wipe their Macs to enroll....  View more

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3rd Party Patch Reporting Server

With the recent release of Patch Reporting Software Titles, I'm looking at getting it set up to use, the documentation mentions the JSS requires outbound access on 443, we are behind a proxy so i need to know the destination of the patch server that ...  View more

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Interactive scripts

Is there a way to make a script (shell or applescript, or maybe even something else) visible and interactive when it's ran via a policy in self service?  View more

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MDM Capable Users - How to add?

Hi, I'm using JSS v9.92. I am trying to utilise some User-Level Configuration Profile (specifically, passcodes, but that's not important). I am testing on 3 Macbooks. One out of the three have a vaild "MDM Capable Users = local-user" within the Macbo...  View more

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Ask to keep changes when closing documents toggle on

I just need a simple setting change in Casper..I'm trying to toggle: System Prefs--General--Ask to keep changes when closing documentsI need to turn it checked for everyone at the agency.Can I do that in Configuration Profiles?If not, does anyone kno...  View more

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SFTP upload to ASM

Hello! So Apple School Manager is about ready to send me to the psyche ward... Since our SIS is not supported through ASM, I'm trying to upload CSV files through their SFTP site. I filled in all of the staff and student information, as well as a coup...  View more

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Hate to throw a negative to JAMF...

The new UI recently introduced in the JSS itself performs terribly in MobileSafari on an iPhone. Case study: principal wants me to make a profile tweak. Should be a quick checkbox change on my iPhone while talking to him. In 9.82 it was...not so much...  View more

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Next CHicago area JNUG Sept 15th @6pm

Please join us for the 2nd Chicago JNUG!!! Time:Thursday September 15th Networking begins at 6pm and speakers will start at 6:30pm Location:Northwestern Pritzker School of Law375 East Chicago AvenueRubloff Building Room 175Chicago, IL Topics to inclu...  View more

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http downloads on an Ubuntu VM

I have a number of Ubuntu Server VM's as my Casper distribution points serving via AFP and SMB on JSS 9.92 I also have Graham Gilbert's docker implemented BSDpy solution running for Netboot services on the VM'shttps://grahamgilbert.com/blog/2015/04/2...  View more

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12" Retina MacBook - Hardware Model Incorrect in JSS

JSS 9.82 on MSFT Server 2008 R2. We have some Early 2015 12" Retina MacBooks in the environment, Casper reports the model correctly running 10.10.5 or 10.11.6. MacBook (12-inch Retina Early 2015) We brought in a new 12" device (Early 2016) and there ...  View more

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Firefox and company certs (again)

I have completely given up on trying to use CCK2 to configure Firefox. The directions are vague and the author admits that it doesn't work with the Mac version any more. The major problem is that we have company CAs that are already imported into the...  View more

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Enterprise Connect Login Item

Hi Guys, Has anyone found a way to add EC into the user Login Items? I have managed to get these to work locally on my machine to add EC to the login items but as soon as I run it through ARD to a remote machine (figured if I cannot get it to work wi...  View more

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I must be missing something... (confused....)

Hi all, I have been looking at this for hours now and I cannot seem to find what is going wrong here. My goal is to have a smart group containing computers which do not have FileMaker Pro of the version 11.0.4. I have taken some snapshots. 1 is of th...  View more

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https Casper JSS certificate renewal?

Hi all, Our SSL certificate must have ran out, as we have just notice in the past few days we get https crossed out in our browser when going to https://:8443. I'm seeing some of the JSS pages don't display properly, and when enrolling with Self Serv...  View more

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Quickadd - 10.11.6

Hello, I am having a weird issue with our quickadd.pkg (from our user initiated enrollment site) and was wondering if anyone came across this/found a solution. The issue: Gatekeeper blocks quickadd.pkg ---- only once Go to company.jamfcloud.com/enrol...  View more

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First user login...doesn't use "user template"

Hey fellas... As part of our DEP enrollment process, I have a DMG restore a the System/User Template directory during the policy that runs when JSS enrollment is complete. The issue we're having is that every time the first user to log into the compt...  View more

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Installing dockutil easily?

The built in JAMF add dock items isn't working. I want to try using dockutil, it looks great, how the heck do you install it easily across computers? There's no .pkg, when I run the bundled build.sh file I get an error, if I try to copy the file into...  View more

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Add local admin to FileVault via script?

Because we set up Casper in an environment with established Macs already and we needed to active FileVault on all of them, our policy uses a FileVault setup that is set for current/next user. And that works fine for our end users, but Casper also ins...  View more

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