Adding Visual Basic to Office 2011 Environment

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I know we have some MicroSoft Office experts here:

I have Office 2011 on my installed base of 10.7.5 MacBookAirs, but no Visual Basic included...
I need to add VisualBasic as it is required on a newly purchased AddOn.
Last spring I tried to just snapshot the VisualBasic custom install, and push it out, but this did not work... admittedly I did not spend much time with it workable?

My next thought is to remove the existing installation and replace with the correct custom install w/ VB included.
Most importantly I do not want to leave any computers in an Office Free void :)

Policy 1: on 15 minute trigger: Cache newly created package , with message to user at completion to restart at end of class.
Policy 2: At Startup: Run Before Script to Remove Office, install Cached packages, add a custom trigger for policy 3
EDIT: but this cannot run until the first policy is complete, so how do I trigger policy

Policy 3: Custom Trigger: install add on and any other items
Will anything else require reinstall? Silverlight and FlipForMac, MAU, maybe?

Any guidance anyone might want to contribute would be appreciated :)


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Now why would you go do a silly thing like not install VBA in the first place? ;-)

If all you need to do is add VBA then I suggest using a choices XML file. I've got a page that explains what to do:

In a nutshell, you'll deploy your regular Office for Mac 2011 installer along with a text file (e.g. "choices.xml") that includes the following text:


Then you'll run this command:

installer -package "/path/to/Office Installer.pkg" -target / 
-applyChoiceChangesXML "/path/to/choices.xml"

I'm not sure how VBA will behave if installing a version that's older than the version of Office you've got (after installing updates). Be sure to test.

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Now why would you go do a silly thing like not install VBA in the first place? ;-)

Inherited silliness :)