Adobe After Effects cache files filling up lab computers

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I take care of 4-5 Mac labs in a high education environment. We're still on serialized Adobe CC 2018 for the moment and will switch to shared device licenses in a month or so. Near the end of the semester I disable my data clean-up script so disks tend to get close to being full. However, this year I'm finding the culprit in many cases is Adobe After Effects caches, typically in this path:


I'm debating writing a logout script to delete everything in this path. Has anyone else come up with a better solution? Cheers...



i just did a little googling about adobe AE cache and apparently you can limit its size and location by going to After Effects > Preferences > Media & Disk Cache.
as the cache is an important part of speeding up AE Usage, limiting the cache size to something reasonable might be a better option that a full flush, it will also negate the issue in the future as AE will just rebuild the cache when projects are opened anyway so it will quickly fill up again