Adobe CC - Device Licence to SDL migration

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Stab in the dark I know - but has anybody done this?

I'm currently playing with an SDL ahead of clicking the dreaded 'migrate' button on our main VIP portal. I'm rather concerned at the total lack of any information about the computers that are using an SDL, it just displays the total number available, and number of them in use - seemingly with no ability to manage those licences directly in the portal. At least with Device Licences you can see the hostname and last activation date!

This gives us a particular problem as we have a real headache with renewals every year. The re-charging model that our finance department use means a new order has to be submitted every year, and I have to manually deactivate any Device / Named licences that haven't been paid for. This looks to be impossible with SDLs, unless I'm missing something!

The only solution I can see for us at the moment is to exclusively use Named Licences and bin Device Licences altogether?


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So we are using the Shared Device License model here and luckily there is a "Recover Licenses" in the admin console that will make it so your count is back to zero. Everyone at that point has to log back in. The button is only available to be used once every 10 days (in other words, you click it and you can't click it again for 10 days).

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We have a similar situation. We clicked the dreaded 'migrate' button a couple of days before our renewal cycle began, just to minimize any confusion on the part of the user community.
We also have to renew each SD license independently of each other (each department pays their own way). Since we have not yet been through a full cycle with this new model, we've yet to see what will happen when the new cycle starts in August.

We have a very small number of SD licenses (<10 at the moment). It went way down from over 30 device licenses to the current SD license number after the migration when people saw how the login process changed; they discovered that they still need an Adobe ID to sign in, AND the log in prompt pops ups, annoyingly, every hour or so. This aggravated a lot of users who had purchased device licenses in the past because they were cheaper than Named User licenses. Apparently the aggravation had a cost that some aren't willing to pay. Works for me. Fewer headaches.

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I will say that despite the transition to the new shared device licensing model Going seamlessly on the backend, it was quite ugly on the front end and on the business end. On the business end they screwed up or licensing and we had some tense moments on the phone trying to get adobe to properly take our money, on the front and it was quite ugly because we had to scrub old versions of the software off of machines and get new packages out to people and train them.