Adobe Creative Cloud - Avoiding it?

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Interested to know how many companies are avoiding CC until Adobe actually provide a realistic pricing structure. I know of several large companies that are telling Adobe that they aren't buying it.

The main issue, how much will it cost in the future. Since we don't own the software and the price plan is only covering a set period of time, what happens after that? Essentially it means they can charge what they like after this period and we don't own any software to refuse the cost.

Try explaining that in a budget meeting.

Of course if we all stand unified......



Same here. Adobe tried to sell us on all the additional features that Creative Cloud provides, but they're not always applicable to an Enterprise environment. Plus, it would cost a lot more than our traditional licensing.

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We spent £100k upgrading our CS suites to CS6 last year.

Looking to have a meeting with Adobe soon to figure it out.

A few of our users say they need creative cloud due to the new apps.

We may go the team route for some, but really need to know more on the numbers 1st.

I'll report back, but I'm not sure if we'll go for it.

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We decided to stay with CS6 for the time being, looking for alternatives to the Adobe software that has an alternative available and looking forward to competition or a significant decrease in pricing before we buy anything with the new licensing (CC) model.

Fwiw, we had maintenance contracts on nearly five hundred full creative suites and individual applications.

I had an off the record conversation with another (very large) company last weekend that did exactly the same thing.

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Our Initial CC 3 year "rental" agreement came due and we got one heck of a sticker shock on the renewal pricing. After much negotiating we were still not able to get anywhere. The fact that they would no longer offer our old "Design and Web Premium Suite" option made it even worse. So we dug in and touched base with every single department, and many individuals to see if they really, really needed every single one of their Adobe products. In many cases we were able to completely remove many of the apps and get users down to a few Adobe apps. In some cases we were able to remove or replace Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop with cheaper or free alternatives (for non creative folk).

So thank you Adobe for forcing us to clean house. This, however, still wasn't enough. So now we ended up going from an Enterprise agreement to a VIP agreement for the minimal amount of CC apps required for the production of our publications (we're a B-to-B magazine publishing company) and creative groups. The rest moved back to our "owned" CS6 versions. The plan is to work our CS6 users away from all Adobe products, then from that we will have hopefully found solutions for our production and creative staff.

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Congrats, that is what all Mac admins need to... Over charge for bad software, we need/must move to next gen apps that are built according to Apples guidelines...

It's really the hardest part of our jobs!!!