Adobe Lightroom update [1193777] breaks licensing

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Hello Everyone,

In the past couple of days, we have seen a instance that a recent Adobe update to Lightroom CC 2018 [1193777] has broken the licensing of the Lightroom application.

We have been using without any issues, RemoteUpdateManager, to issue the command to update our Adobe CC 2018 applications. Since the beginning of November 2018, it appears Lightroom was updated to a newer version [1193777] that broke the license for Lightroom.

We have a work around in place. We have repackaged the previous version [1186149] and are deploying it to our group of Macs that have the broken version of Lightroom installed.

We use a volume license rather than named user licensing.


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So you had to essentially rollback? I'm experiencing a similar issue in my environment, all other apps are fine, Photoshop, Premiere, but Lightroom prompts for credentials even though we have a volume license.

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Correct @osnala, I opened creative cloud packager, packaged the previous version or existing version in our case as we don't have a license for the newest version. Found a Mac with the existing version, ran the update process, verified it was broken. Then installed the newly created Lightroom package and deployed it. When I found it was installed and back to the previous version, all is well.

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Seeing the same thing here. Only the older Lightroom Classic CC 2018 v7.5 from August is using our serialized license. I haven't run any RUM updates since Adobe MAX, thinking 2019 things might start breaking us (even though RUM's not supposed to touch 2019 if you're running 2018 in-theory).

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After talking with our Adobe rep, I did receive some additional information and was told the following:

“The 2019 LR Classic build was an update and not an upgrade which is the behavior we have seen from the other product teams. In this instance if RUM is used then it will indeed install the latest version which does not support serial numbers. We will be blocking this behavior via RUM as quick as possible.”

I hope this helps those that are fighting this in your organizations.

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Did you create a NEW serial package? Some reason we had to & that fixed part of our issue. We have Lightroom Classic [1193777] & it's working.

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Hello @c.archibald thank you for this. I attempted to create a new serial package and yet with it installed, it didn't fix the problem we had, forcing a user to login with their Adobe ID. We could only get around this by reinstalling the Lightroom app, which I created with Adobe's CCP.