Adobe .pkg problems

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When I use Adobe Admin Console site to create an installer for Adobe products, the site will then present me with a downloader tool that then downloads a folder (a .zip file) with "Build" and "Exceptions" folders inside it, along with a .ccp file. The installer and uninstaller .pkg are in the "Build" folder, but when I take the installer .pkg and move it to our Jamf server (or anywhere that uses a Windows file system) the .pkg is treated as a folder rather than a file so i can't add it in Jamf for deployment or for patch management.

The .pkg will run and install fine on my Macbook, it's just any situation where it has to be moved to a Windows-based server.

If I have a .pkg for something that I build with Autopkg, Firefox for example, that .pkg will be treated as a file and NOT as a folder on a Windows machine.

Up until a few months ago I feel like the Admin Console gave me useable .PKGs.

Any ideas out there?



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Hello @Jboze do you know if you are uncompressing the .zip from Adobe to get to that build folder? We use a Windows server and distribution point without any issues. In the past for us, we would unzip the package from Adobe, locate the build folder as you mentioned and use that package file and drag it into Jamf Admin where it get compressed again from Jamf. Once on the server, we are good for deployment.


can you upload using the Jamf Admin utility rather than using the SMB share?

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If you upload via Jamf Admin (as @robertliebsch suggests!) Jamf Admin will zip it for you and upload. Never had a problem serving it up from both SMB and HTTPS shares hosted on Windows servers that way.

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uploading regular home made PKG no problem

uploading Adobe PKG, and they get at 0K on the HTTPS windows server.