Adobe Remote Update Manager (RUM) - not always updating minor versions

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After searching through a number of Adobe RUM threads and not finding the answer, I thought I'd start a new one here.

In JAMF, we have a policy set to run daily that initiates the RemoteUpdateManager (found under /usr/local/bin/RemoteUpdateManager). Our experience, even with minor updates, is inconsistent.

For example, in our environment most clients are running 19.0.1 of Photoshop. RUM fails to see any updates for Photoshop even though 19.1.5 is the latest version with a number of updates in-between. If I uninstall Photoshop on my machine, install 19.0 (or any other 19 dot version that is not the current release) it will update to the latest and greatest via triggering RUM.

Has anyone found a workaround for these inconsistencies with updating minor versions? It almost seems like whatever RUM is checking to verify updates is out of sync. Any suggestions on how to get RUM to become more reliable? Or other reliable methods to keep Adobe CC up-to-date? Obviously, we could package up each iteration as it is released, but would prefer something more automated.

Thanks in advance!


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I had a similar issue (error 2 in RUM) and opened a case with Adobe Enterprise Support. They said to create a package using Creative Cloud Packager and don't check any boxes as that will update something called "Core Applications Package". Then install that via policy and once that has happened, use /usr/local/bin/RemoteUpdateManager to update.1b52c49bf2ee49eface3f6de0a44e510

"Here's a screenshot of the option you want. These are always included when you build a package. Basically, you're just creating a package without choosing any applications. This will include just the core components."

I'm not sure if this is the same issue but it is something you can try.

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Is the latest version? There may be another thread floating around here on JAMF Nation (can’t remember where I read it) about having to create a package of just the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud app, which includes an updated version of RUM and this fixes the issue. I tried this on a test system and it did work - RUM downloaded and installed all the updates. Previously it was downloading but failing to install a few of them, photoshop 19.1.5 being one of them.