Adobe Remote Update Manager

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Has anyone had any luck getting Adobe RUM to update major versions? We have a lot of computers running Photoshop version 18.x.x and Adobe RUM says that there are no updates for those computers. However the current version is 19.0.1.

Has anyone found a way to get RUM to do the update from 18 to 19 or do I need to repackage and reinstall version 19?



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I know Adobe has an article that states that the RUM cannot be used to install the major versions, but I cannot find it to save my life. This forum discussion touches on it: As of last month, when I ran RUM on several Macs, this was still the case. The good news is that a couple CC versions ago, Adobe enabled the end user to install and update all their apps via the CC Desktop app without requiring admin rights. I know that can be a double edged sword in some environments, but that's what they give us to work with.

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Last time I looked (a couple months ago) RUM only did minor version updates. Major versions needed to be packaged/distributed manually. I think they do that because they want you to use their Desktop/Cloud tools which we do not.

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Even Adobe does not have a method to updated major versions. They can not upgrade from CC 2015 to CC 2017.

Their KB article, not what which one anymore, used to declare that the only way to do such an upgrade would be to wipe the computer and do a fresh OS and Adobe install.

They have since added an option to their Creative Cloud Packager that allows you to create a package that will uninstall the old version of software so that you can install the newer major version. I have tested it and I can say... it works. May leave some rogue files but I did not see anything that was terrible.

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Thanks everyone. I didn't think the RUM was able to do this but I was hoping someone found a way to force it do it. 🙂

We do push out the CC desktop app, but I don't think I can rely on high school students to do the app updates. Guess I'll be repackaging apps and pushing new versions.

Thanks again!