Adobe updates - best practice?

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I guess I am not the only one that is tired of adobe bad update options.

I know adobe remote update manager exist - but that is only working for patches.

What about new versions - what is the best practice to push them out - and even more, how do you remove the old version, that is not auto removed during update to a new version


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Are you using a Managed Package in the Adobe Admin Console? Life is easier when working with users who download and install Adobe apps and update themselves. In the background, I just swing the RUM updates to assist.

Not all environments support this, and I'm coming from one like that.


Off the top of my head:

• Build smaller app packages and put them in Self Service for users to install

• Build a mega-monolithic package and push overnight/weekends

• Run a script to remove older versions (I forgot which script I used, but it did an excellent job of purging Adobe stuff)

• Test and see what works, what doesn't break, and what is smoothest for you


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I would build the Creative Cloud app and have it allow non admins to install from that app (this is from the Adobe Admin Console). Push that to your clients and they can install the apps they need. No point building every Adobe app package if you don't have to.

If you don't have the Adobe Admin Console, @obi-k's suggestion would be my go to.

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In my experience...
RUM will update all apps apart from the Creative cloud desktop app. If the app does not have a year associated with it, in the folder name or app name, then it will update to the newest version possible. The ones with the years listed will only update to the max for that year version, and if a new one is released it will not update.

I build new versions of each individual app, and push them out as they get renewed versions. Prior to installing the new version I run a script to remove the old one. (Someone on here published a script to remove all of the Adobe Apps using the built in Adobe uninstallers, Appologies I cant remember who it was)
I took the script and adjusted it so that it would only remove the one app you want it to...


# Remove individual Adobe
# Created by Admin on 26/10/2022.

# $4 is the App identifier for each Adobe App

# Put one of the codes below in the script parameter
# AEFT=After Effects
# AICY=InCopy
# AME=Media Encoder
# AUDT=Audition
# CHAR=Character Animator
# DRWV=Dreamweaver
# ESHR=Dimension
# FLPR=Animate
# IDSN=InDesign
# ILST=Illustrator
# KBRG=Bridge
# LTRM=Lightroom Classic
# PHSP=Photoshop
# PPRO=Premiere Pro
# PRLD=Prelude
# SBSTA=Substance 3D Sampler
# SBSTD=Substance 3D Designer
# SBSTP=Substance 3D Painter
# STGR=Substance 3D Stager
# SPRK=Adobe XD
# RUSH=Premiere Rush

uninstallDir="/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Uninstall"
setup="/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Desktop Common/HDBox/Setup"

if [[ -d "${uninstallDir}" ]] && [[ -f "${setup}" ]]; then
adobeAppList=$(find "${uninstallDir}" -type f -maxdepth 1 -name "*.adbarg" | grep "$app")


for i in ${adobeAppList}; do
if [[ -f "${i}" ]]; then
appName=$(echo "${i}" | awk -F "/" '{print $NF}' | cut -d "." -f 1)
echo "Attempting to uninstall ${appName}"
sapCode=$(grep -e "^--sapCode=" "${i}" | awk -F "=" '{print $2}')
echo "sapCode: ${sapCode}"
prodVer=$(grep -e "^--productVersion=" "${i}" | awk -F "=" '{print $2}')
echo "prouctVersion: ${prodVer}"
"${setup}" --uninstall=1 --sapCode="${sapCode}" --productVersion="${prodVer}" --platform=osx10-64 --deleteUserPreferences=false

unset IFS
echo "No Adobe apps found to uninstall"

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Thanks  a lot.
I just created a package at the adobe admin console and it download a zip and then it downloads a

That contain below. But when I try to run the install pkg nothing happens. It write it installs successfully but the app is not there. I remember I had this issue some time ago - but wondering what everyone else is doing how to deploy this package and install it



I have had trouble with the Adobe pkg files. I use a different method to install it. Most on here will put the pkg in a zip, and upload that to jamf, then install it. I use .tar.gz on the pkg and then a script to expand it and install the pkg.
Does the pkg install on the Mac you downloaded it on if you run the pkg? If not then I would suspect the pkg is corrupt. If it does but does not install from Jamf, then I would suspect the method of upload and download then install. I find the Adobe pkg files to be a bit delicate, and wrapping them in a compression system will protect them.

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it would sure be nice if there was a session ( or sessions ) at JNUC wrt managing Adobe /Adobe Creative Cloud updates , preferences, and strategies  including using JAMF AppInstallers and Not using JAMF App Installers--