Advice on discovering unmanaged Devices?

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Hello Jamf Nation,

I have recently rolled out Jamf Pro at my company. Although I have been using Jamf for the better part of 4-5 years now this is my first net new deployment. As a part of implementing Jamf Pro, I am tasked with the discovering all the macOS devices in our environment and bringing them under management. Looking for advice and tips on how to discover unmanaged macOS devices that have not submitted inventory to Jamf before.

We do have Lansweeper in place. From what I understand about Lansweeper, SSH must be enabled on the device in order for Lansweeper to detect it.



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Carrot and stick, is there the enough political/administrative clout to withhold / reduce official IT support until an un-managed becomes a managed device? This would also include access to software (if they can't get it themselves).

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I agree with CSCC. In the absence of excellent asset inventory records or an edict from management, your best tool to locate Macs and get them into management is to require they be managed for access to software and resources.

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Turn off guest WiFi.

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I export the Jamf inventory and compare it to other tools we have like AV or DEP/ABM. For example, I found 40 machines that are checking into our AV cloud that are not in Jamf. Then I make tickets for the helpdesk to apply jamf to them. I can also compare last check in date and for those more than 10 days out, have the helpdesk follow up on them.
Sometimes a scan from ARD can turn some up as well even if you can't access them with ARD, you will know they are there.

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It's not so useful in these days of everyone W@H, but if you're using Cisco networking equipment look into Cisco ISE which can be configured to require Macs be managed by Jamf Pro and match an Advanced Computer Search before they can connect to an on-prem network (Disclaimer: I know nothing about the actual operation of ISE, my involvement when we set it up was just the configuration of the Jamf Network Integration settings to connect to ISE)

You can also check out JNUC 20202 session JNUC403 which talks about Cisco ISE