After IOS 9.0 update can't intstall inhouse apps trough self service

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Hello all,
I updated couple ipads to IOS 9.0.1 and after that can't install in-house apps trough self service. It starts to download, and stops in the middle and gives error stating "Unable to download App". Any help would be appreciated.


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Getting console logs would be helpful. iOS Console from Lemonjar is a great tool.

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Try deleting the Self Service app from the iPad. Then manually update inventory on the device and it should check in and reinstall Self Service. Also, I had to re-tweak our Tomcat & MySQL settings to get it back to performing correctly after the latest Casper update.

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Deleting self service and reinstalling didn't help, will try to get the logs from console.
Just fyi, it is working on ipads with ios 8, only on ipads with ios 9 not working

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You may need to update your JSS to 9.80 to properly manage iOS 9.

Do your in-house apps use a Provisioning profile? There is a new configuration setting 'Allow trusting new enterprise app authors' but after upgrading to 9.80 it is checked for my cfg profiles. However I would have expected it to complain at the beginning not halfway into the download.