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Jamf - Webclip

Hi there, i'm having some issues regarding Configuration profiles -> Web Clips This might just be doing something wrong since it was quite a while ago i used jamf, but i'm trying to setup a new Web Clip payload and all works great except for the "Lab...  View more

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Remote app push of Self Service apps - iOS

Im not sure if this has been covered or not, but this is a handy little thing that I found a few weeks back. If you have a user who isnt very technologically savvy, you can open up the self service Web Clip on your computers browser and deploy apps t...  View more

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Web clips multiple sessions

Howdy! Is there a way to stop a Pushed web Clip from creating new Safari Tab's on launch? As i'm currently seeing users not correctly closing down these sessions and having 20+ on the go.  View more

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How to sort Self Service in iOS into categories

Our App Store list is getting long. How can we sort it into categories? I see this talked about, I have created categories and assigned apps to categories but it does not seem to work on our iPads. I must be missing a step. De we have to assign every...  View more

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Self Service automatically downloads

I'm having an issue where i keep getting the web clip version of self service install on iPads even though i have these settings We are wanting to manually push the Self Service app out through Mobile Devices > Apps so that we don't have any prompts ...  View more

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VPP issues (VPP IOS 9+ Smart Device Groups Method)

Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to see if anyone else is having issues with assigning apps to devices using the newer method where you assign to a device as opposed to user through VPP and Apple ID. We have checked our Apple VPP site and the apps a...  View more

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Pending - Application is not available to install

i am getting this error message when students try to install garageband. the app catalog sees garageband as a paid app, however all our iPads are new and garageband was free with them, so is my problem that i need to add through VPP or something else...  View more

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Self-Service Web-Clip Bugs

**I've noticed on multiple iPad models on various iOS versions that the self-service doesn't respond well when you interact with it. I'll tap on a button at the bottom and nothing responds. Sometimes it responds immediately, other times you have to t...  View more

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Force MDM Web Clip to open in Google Chrome?

I manage a Web Clip for a team of engineers who use a CMDB solution (ServiceNow) for checking industrial & scientific equipment in the field. They do this on iPads using Safari. The CMDB solution is a cloud-based web interface, no third-party apps ar...  View more

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iOS App Distribution: Mixing methods

Hi All,Question: I was advised not to Mix and Match app distribution methods, meaning if we're distributing managed licenses (free or paid) to Users, we should not also distribute (free) apps to those users' devices using Self Service (or silent inst...  View more

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Self-Service Webclip wont load list of apps.

I have two freshly clean restored ipads.Both with same credentials applied, one loads the self-service web app list, the other opens and sits with a spinning wheel but never loads the list of apps? I have tried re-image.I have tried changing time set...  View more

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App "stuck" in Self Service

I apologize in advance if this issue has been dealt with in a different discussion. I'm running JSS 9.4.rc3 and have an iPad with an app "stuck" in Self-Service. The progress indicator spins but the app doesn't get installed. I've removed the device ...  View more

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