After renewing push certificate do devices have to be Re-enrolled

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After renewing push certificate do devices have to be Re-enrolled?
And if so I'm willing to hear peoples suggestions on methods to do it.
We have about 70 macbooks of varying levels (Not DEP enrolled), 140 Ipads of varying levels (40 of which are DEP enrolled)



No, they don't.

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@itadmin_shpsh If you renew the existing certificate there is no need to re-enroll devices, but if for some reason you install a different push certificate you will have to re-enroll the devices.

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Is there a way to copy over the Push Certificate from an old server when migrating to a new one? We are on-premise.

I want to avoid re-enrolling clients if possible, and also I don't want to backup and restore our existing DB - I would rather start with a clean slate.

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@jazminepena When we moved from on-prem to cloud we just used the same account to "renew" a push certificate and it worked. The key is what @mschroder has stated so long as you don't change the account that the push cert if generated with it should work.