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Hi Folks,

Happy New year!

Hey, here we have several hundred Macs and this is the first time we have been requested to install an internet plugin called Aleks. The question is, have any of you installed Aleks successfully in your labs or computers?

I can get it installed for a single local user like our local admin user. Trying to use it with other users logging into the Macs fails to work. It's like it isn't being installed for all users. The company hasn't gotten back to me yet.

Composer doesn't snapshot it properly either.

Thoughts or comments?

Thanks again everyone!!



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Yes we use it. I used composer to snapshot the user settings and then I push using FUT and FEU.

Looks like my package contains HD - User - username - Lib - Java - Extensions - aleksPack10.jar
HD - User - username - Lib - Prefernces - (may not be needed)

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Are you packaging it as a PKG or DMG?

My initial thought: Either format should work as both PKG and DMG have "Fill User Templates" and "Fill Existing User Home Directories" in Casper Admin > select package > Get Info, so just make sure these boxes are checked on your package.

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Hi there. So, a couple of things to think about (and some questions):

1- Do you know where this plug-in gets installed on the system? There are 2 "Internet Plug-Ins" folders. One at the root /Library level and another within each users home directory Library folder. Sounds like maybe its being installed to the user level Library/Internet Plug-ins/ directory. Yes?

2- If the above is true, have you tried placing/moving this plug-in into the root /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder and seeing if it works for all users at that point? If so, just build a package with it being deployed there and you're done.

3- If it doesn't work placed there, capture it in any user level Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder, as long as the home directory is in the /Users/ path, not someplace like /private/var or such. Package that in Composer as a DMG and when uploaded into Casper Admin, use the FEU (Fill Existing Users) and FUT (Fill User Template) options.

Alternatively, package it as a .pkg dropping it into someplace like /private/tmp/ but include a postinstall script that loops through home directories and copies it from /tmp/ into their /Users/<user>/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder. Search here for example scripts that can do that. There are several.

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Thank so much guys....

I totally forgot about the fill in...piece. Currently, it was packaged as a pkg. I will redo as a .dmg and I suspect, all will be fine. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!