All incoming connections for "java" under Firewall for NonAdmins?

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Was wondering if anyone knew a script to allow incoming connections for "java" under the Apple Firewall?

We are trying to install the application Send Word Now. When you double-click the application on first run it wants you to deny or allow "java." If you click allow, it requires admin credentials, which will be a problem since our users are NonAdmins. I pinged the support group and they said we could have an admin start the app for each Mac.

I've tried @bbot script by adding Send Word as a trusted application to the firewall. But the Send Word Now kicks off a binary/agent on the desktop and still wants the deny or allow "java" connection.

I've also tried using Composer to capture the app and the .plist setting ( But after deployment, it still asks for the "java" deny or allow.

Any help would be great!



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This helped us...