All of our iOS PreStage Enrollment Mobile Device Names lists are now empty!

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Using JSS, I went to wipe & refresh a small set of iPads after pushing the 9.3.3 update, but when I checked them out after the apps had been reloaded, they had reverted to being named the generic "iPad" instead of the expected pre-defined names. I looked at the MDN list in the PSE configuration, and it was blank!

I then checked the 19 other PreStage Enrollment configurations in our site, and all of the MDN lists are blank as well.

We're running JSS 9.9.

What can I check to make the MDN lists repopulate with the data I expected?


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I have seen this as well - editing the Profile the devices are in and saving brought the names back - but only when the devices were on when I did that. I'm also seeing this on computers as well.