How to configure OS X via "Custom Setting" OS X Server

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Hi, i need to configure OS X. I have OS X Server. I know that with the help of Custom Setting can edit files*.plist. Example, i want to configure NTP Server and TimeZone for all users. How to do it? Just i don't know where to begin:(

I enter via root in /Library/Preferences and see file .GlobalPreferences.plist in which exist block:

"" =     {
        AppleMapID = 1496****;
        CountryCode = RU;
        Latitude = "";
        LocalizedNames =         {
            ru = Novosilikatnyy;
        Longitude = "";
        Name = ;
        Population = 15241;
        TimeZoneName = "Asia/Omsk";
        Version = 1;

I need in this file change setting?


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You can just run a script:

# set NTP server and enable
systemsetup -setnetworktimeserver
systemsetup -setusingnetworktime on

# set time zone
systemsetup -settimezone America/New_York

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@bvrooman it's bad idea. I have 350 OS X devices. i need use only Custom Setting

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Hi @marawu

The method from @bvrooman is the way to go I'm afraid. Some settings can be managed by configuration profiles and custom settings, but only things that live in one of the standard OS X *Library search paths. As it's a unix system, NTP settings are still stored in a traditional location that normal OS X management methods can't handle.

Here's some more information related to it if it's of interest

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Hi @davidacland

Oh man, thanks info. I need do many change. I'm afraid forced to use Puppet. Must apply parametrs during work

PS. sry my eng(

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@davidacland 1 question. I had tried to configure update.


But only part of the settings applied:


How do I know which settings can I change and which are not?