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Our students currently cannot use Google Chrome, because we deliver a restrictions payload that limits them to apps rated 12+. Chrome is a 17+ app. I learned today that a state writing test our students will be doing requires the use of Chrome to avoid problems with using the state's online system. Thus we have a need to get Chrome onto student iPads without allowing all 17+ rated apps. Is there a way to make this happen?

The Restrict App Usage in the Restrictions payload seems like a good place to make this happen, but there isn't an option to allow specific apps to override an age restriction that's in place.

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Is it possible to remove the age restriction profile, then install the app, then reinstall the age restriction profile?

As you might be able to tell - never tried this.

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One way might be to hide the App Store while you exclude the 12+ rating setting.
This means that they would not be able to shop for any other 17+ apps while that window is open.

Installing the app and then re-applying the restricition will not help, as the restriction actually hides, but does not Delete the app. When you re-apply the 12+ it will hide Chrome

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We have a similar issue. I have tried removing the age restriction and then installing the app. But in my testing whenever we put the age restriction back on the iPad, it makes any app that does not meet that requirement disappear from the homescreen. The app still shows as installed from the settings menu, but it is not accessible as long as the restriction is set. If the restriction is lifted the app becomes available again.

Having an option in the restrictions to allow certain apps to bypass the age restriction might be a nice feature.

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This is an old thread...but is there a solution to this issue? Thank you!