Allowing remote access through LogMeIn RescueAssist

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Does anyone have experience with getting LogMeIn's RescueAssist installed and working on computers remotely? I've been able to push out the unattended installer through Jamf, but without being able to grant RescueAssist privileges through Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility I can view the user's screen but can not take remote control over the computer.

With our staff all working remotely and us not having previously used this software prior to going remote, I'm finding it impossible to remotely control these computers. Jamf Remote does not work - I assume due to the varying router firewalls that users have enabled at home. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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By using . You specify the LogMeInRescue app that is downloaded. You enable "Allow" under accessibility. Once that is done you click the "UpLoad" button. You will need to know all of your login credentials to JAMF to upload this as a Config Profile into your JAMF JSS. *(see screen shots) Once That is done it is in your JSS instance name the config profile then test it out on a test system. After the config profile successfully gets delivered to the test system the LogMeIn Rescue Tech has full control of the mouse and keyboard of the system.



This worked on my Mojave computer. This did not work on my Catalina computer.

The Catalina computer, prompted for the Screen Recording. Screen Recording is not an option in the latest PPPC Utility.

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Yeah. . .starting with Catalina, Apple doesn't allow PPPC to set Screen Recording. Whether using LMI, TeamViewer, whatever. . .user has to explicitly bless Screen Recording.

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you are 100% correct. But now version of LogMeIn rescue need both apps ( client and admin ). So within a configuration profile need to add both PPPCs. Now its working good.

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Using PPPC utility tool, add both apps ( Logmein client & admin) and generate the mobileconfiguration file, which will update in JAMF pro configuration profiles. then it will show like below. Its working 100%.


By the Admin app are you referring to the technician console?

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adding somemore with @ralphaelhollins post
add LogMeInAdminConsole also add in the PPPC console then generate mobileconfiguration file, which includes both applications appaccess/identifier ea90c3188fa54e15904aaae9380c7d8f