An error occurred while obtaining automatic configuration settings


I've read a previous post that stated to reset the PRAM/NVRAM, which did not work. Here's the error:

image (5).png

Things we have tried.

  • Reset NVRAM/PRAM
  • Un-assigned from ABM then Re-assiged. Once completed, renewed the DEP token
  • Enabled Debug Mode,  replicated the issue for about 15-20 minutes. Disabled debug mode and then download the Jamf Pro Server log. Uploaded to Jamf support case
  • Jamf support stated there was an APNs mismatch, but we confirmed afterwards there was not.
  • Ran First-Aid within macOS Recovery
  • Fully wiped the disk and cleanly installed macOS
  • In Jamf Pro, un-assigned the machine from PreStage, save changes, wait 10-15 minutes and then assigned it back.
  • Jamf support is now trying to say it's an issue with Apple and to contact Apple.

Not sure what to do at this point, but I'd appreciate any help.


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We had a MacBook that was doing the same thing. There apparently was an activation lock on it. We called Apple to get it removed. Once removed, enrollment started working. Might not work for you but that fixed it for us.

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A couple things you can try... check the internet connection on the device. If something is weird with the network connection, that could block the push notifications from Apple Servers trying to pull configuration profiles. This is more likely the issue if device is showing up in ABM and Pre-Stage in Jamf already. Wiping the device and clearing PRAM would not solve a network connectivity issue. If you can try an ethernet connection, that would be best. 

If this is only happening on one device, it's not likely that the issue is related to ABM or your Pre-Stage. You can also try releasing the device from ABM and use Apple Configurator to readd it to ABM. Another option is to release it and use the User-Initiated Enrollment workflow for Jamf to get the device managed. 


You don't have to release the Mac from ABM to do a user-initiated enrollment. You just need to un-scope it from the PreStage. Doing a user-initiated enrollment would help prove or disprove the idea that there is an APNS mismatch.

Unfortunately, the device is stuck at the setup portion of macOS. So I cannot do a user-initiated enrollment because I can't get past the error.  I also just tried completely releasing the device from ABM, which also removed it from the Jamf Pre-stage enrollment all together, but the same error is happening. I'm going to try a Revive/Restore as a last resort. I'll let you know what happens.

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Remove the computer from the PreStage. Next, erase and reinstall macOS on the system. Go through the standard macOS setup process. If that's successful, try a user initiated enrollment. Once you're done testing and finding the cause of this issue, you can always scope the system again in the PreStage and then erase and reinstall to do further testing.

Not sure why that was accepted as a solution. But this didn't work. I completely removed the MacBook from ABM, which also removed it from the Jamf PreStage. I then tried to erase and reinstall macOS, but upon the setup, it takes me to a Remote Management screen like this:


image (6).png

At this point, I'm going to try the DFU fix, where you can Revive/Restore the device via Apple Configurator.

Not sure why this was accepted as a solution as well, because it didn't work either. We tried multiple connections, Ethernet, WiFi, Hotspot from Cell phone, etc... Same error. We tried removing the device completely from ABM, which it then removed itself from Jamf PreStage and out of Jamf completely, but we cannot get past the macOS Setup. And yes we tried a wipe/reinstall macOS after it was removed from ABM/Jamf. We are now getting a Remote Management window, which I posted a screenshot of in my reply to howie_isaacks

Ok so since the other methods did not work, your next option if it's an ARM based chip is to take a type-c to type-c cable and connect the Mac that won't go through management to another ARM based mac and try to recover the device with configurator on the good mac. Below is a link to Apple's Documentation on how to do it. If that doesn't work, you're gonna want to reach out to Apple support directly about it.

This is an Intel-based MacBook, so I would need to use this link instead:


I will let you know how it works next week.

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We had a MacBook that was doing the same thing. There apparently was an activation lock on it. We called Apple to get it removed. Once removed, enrollment started working. Might not work for you but that fixed it for us.

Typically MacBooks with an activation lock will show that in Recovery. But I guess it's worth a shot, I can contact ABM Support and see what they say.

Surprisingly, this worked! I submitted an unlock with ABM Support, got it approved and tried to set it up again. It allowed us to go through the macOS Setup with no issues. Thank you for this suggestion!

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Just quickly chiming in here for any future searchers:


Our issue is that we forgot to renew our MDM Push Notification Certificate (Jamf Pro > Settings > Global > Push Certificates). Jamf walks you through renewing it and it should only take a minute or two but MAKE SURE you use the same ABM user as you had in the past.