Android MDM Recommendations?

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Hi Jamf Nation,

one of our teachers went out and got a bunch of Amazon Fire (formerly Kindle) tablets, and I need a way to get them on our wireless network. The password is 63 characters long so I'd like to find a free or cheap MDM to manage them with.

So far I've found these three, which at first glance claim to be free but I'm not sure how they compare other than that.



Flyve (open-source but not gratis)

Any suggestions are welcome. (although throwing the Kindles in the garbage isn't an ideal solution) Thanks!

Edit: one of the guys on my team says Comodo has a really pushy sales department so I'm trying out Miradore. Looks like it'll do what I need it to.


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If you're using google apps, there's googles native mdm.

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I've tried to look for Google's native MDM and haven't found anything. Does it go by a specific name? Are there others? I, too, would like to know the answer to this.

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I can confirm that Miradore Online is free for unlimited number of devices and you can also deploy wifi configuration profiles with the free version.

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Apart from these, Scalefusion is also a best MDM solution to manage Android devices as it is really easy to deploy plus is known for its support over chat, call, and multiple trainings and demos.