Anyone else have to re-sign QuickAdd packages all the time?

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We are signing our QuickAdd package with an Apple developer certificate. Because we are pushing a self-enrollment by our users in many cases, this works well. What I'm finding, however, is that any change I make to the Computer Management Framework Settings -- whether I am simply updating a URL plugin or modifying the Check-In frequently -- I have to go back to the Enrollment Process tab and re-sign the QuickAdd package.

Is this normal behavior and what everyone else is seeing? It's pretty annoying, regardless, but I can live with it so long as it's not something stupid that I'm doing (or not doing) that's causing this to happen.

TIA for any help or guidance!


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Hi Michael,

We are using a personal Developer account (rather than a corporate one while we try to get Apple ad DUNS to tahave their records to match) and from time to time we have to upload a new file into the JSS,

I've been told this is because a cert generated from a personal Dev account has a limited number of uses before it expires.

What type of Dev accout do you have?


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Hi Andy-

We are using a corporate developer account and using the developer installer certificate (.p12). It is accepted and the QuickAdd package that's generated works fine, it's that I have to manually check and re-sign the package whenever I make any changes to the Computer Management framework.