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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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How are you approaching imaging now?

Hey nation, We've been creating an image from the base OS installer on the App Store using AutoDMG and using it to wipe Macs via Disk Utility to an out of box state when dealing with malware or device owner changes. Super simple, fast, clean and modu...  View more

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MAS Apps Not Auto-Updating

I've noticed that Apps installed through VPP, Xcode in this case, are not automatically updating. The checkbox to Automatically update app is checked for Xcode. The computers meet the requirements for the newest version. I've even clicked the "Force ...  View more

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How to use mac prestage enrollment?

We're just getting started with jamf. The guy that came and helped set us up didn't cover anything about mac prestage enrollment. We have computers purchased via DEP, and we created a new PreStage enrollment. Under scope we have checked off one of th...  View more

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filevault_2_encryption_check Extension Attribute

Anyone else running Rich Trouton's Filevault 2 Encryption Check Extension attribute, along with workstations on High Sierra? https://github.com/rtrouton/rtrouton_scripts/tree/master/rtrouton_scripts/filevault_2_encryption_check Looks like I'm seeing ...  View more

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Clear passcode failing

I have a user who forgot their passcode on their iPhone. Normally no problem, send a clear passcode push and they are back in business. Well this time the clear passcode push fails and returns "Keychain reported error code -25308." All other pushes c...  View more

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Force LDAP Signing

Hello, I've been tasked to configure our Macs to force LDAP signing in our AD environment. I'm a bit new to this, so bare with me. When I run the command below in Terminal, it says "Settings changed successfully."dsconfigad -packetsign require I plac...  View more

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Changing Languages in Office 2016

We've had a request to have the Burmese language set in Office 2016..I've found this solution below but not sure of what the actual file name would be to change it too. If there is another solution I'm open to that as well. Thanks, You can do this in...  View more

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Mobile App Reporting

Hey All, I seldomly run reports that include App name and version since the way I'm currently doing it is so piece wise, is there a more efficient manner? Currently I run extract devices based on app name and a single version, hope I don't miss a ver...  View more

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iOS Restrictions

Hello ALL:I am trying to create a restrictions profile on IOS devices. These devices are supervised and enrolled. I would like the end user to be able to download apps from the app store using their own apple id and password but as soon as the iPad d...  View more

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FileVault 2 Config Profile

Afternoon All. Been wracking my brain on this issue for the past couple days, and I just wanted to find out if anyone had any insight on the following issue. I am working on getting FileVault 2 distributed to my clients via a Configuration Profile, a...  View more

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mac OSX 10.13 Supplemental Update Fails!

Hey gang, Just a heads up... I just tried to apply the latest update and it failed, and continued to fail with each restart until I was able to interrupt the installer. "An error occurred while updating system extension". No other information just th...  View more

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Custom login window file being replaced?

Hi Folks, A while ago, I had created a new custom login window file, it was branding for our college and it worked flawlessly. After a number of months, I am seeing on computers around our college where the login window appearance has changed, or at ...  View more

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Today's Jamf Announcement

Dear Jamf Nation, As you may have heard, Jamf has entered into a definitive agreement to receive a majority investment by Vista Equity Partners (“Vista”). I’m certain you have a few questions, which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to reach o...  View more

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Lookup of AD username from CAC EDIPI number

OK, guys, here's what I'm trying to do; if the method is obvious to anyone I would very much appreciate some pointers. I am trying to migrate a whole bunch of Mac users from being standalone, unconstrained computers, into the Navy's DP architecture. ...  View more

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Jamf and SCEP server

Jamf like all MDM systems that are compatible with Apple devices has a built-in SCEP server to enable the enrollment of devices. Jamf like all MDM systems that are compatible with Apple's MDM approach also allows using a SCEP server in profiles to ge...  View more

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802.1x Wired Network Configuration Question

I've setup a Configuration Profile with a Network and Certificate payload. When deployed to a test machine it works as expected, however the login screen now has a Drop down list Ethernet: NetworkNone Is there anyway to remove this dropdown list whil...  View more

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AppleTV and AirPlay passwords on iOS11 via Jamf

Hi everbody, we just started with our Jamf to productive use after about 6 months of testing.Everything worked fine before the iOS-Update. First problem was the "automaticly" disabling of AirPlay via configuration profile.(see https://www.jamf.com/ja...  View more

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what *IS* the logic behind Jamf's timestamps?!

Does JAMF consistently display the time that events occurred (system's last check-in, time a policy was run, etc. etc.) based on the timezone setting of the logged in user? Because it sure doesn't feel like it does? I frequently feel like a report I'...  View more

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Office 2016 15.39.0-17101000: Outlook Crashes

Hey there, all! I saw that Office 2016 15.39.0-17101000 was released earlier today and had some folks (self included on a test computer) update their client machines. Following the update, all apps withint he Office 2016 suite are running the 15.39.0...  View more

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Accessing core storage device

Long story short a student came to me saying his computer wasn't working. I open it up and it's booted to the recovery screen. I check diskutil and the HD has been wiped. Send him back to class and dig deeper. He has a flashdrive with three partition...  View more

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Okta-Jamf Integration

Does anyone have some knowledge/scripts/extension attributes that can be used to scope policies to certain okta accounts? Much like how this is possible with AD integrations with JAMF Pro.  View more

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MS Office 2016 Auto Updater

What's up folks! Hate to bother everyone with this but we can't get this to work via Casper. Simple script to disable the Microsoft Auto Updater under the users profile. So that it's set to Manual: #!/bin/sh defaults write com.microsoft.autoupdate2 H...  View more

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Hide Apps (Restrict App Usage) is now Gone??!!

I had frequently used the restriction of Hiding apps, under the heading "Restrict App Usage." Now I see that after our upgrade that feature appears to be completely gone!! Is there another way to accomplish this, or has the functionality been moved? ...  View more

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