Anyone hosting their JAMF CasperService on a Synology Server

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Hey Guys,

Just got a Synology RS10613xs+ acting as our distribution and SQL server. just wondered has anyone ever tried to install the full system on a synology server, or have any tips and guide lines.

Current we have tomcat hosted on a Mac Mini but the SQL database and distribution point is the Synology server it would be great to have the full system running on the Synology, trying to get away from a mac hosted JAMF and we choose the Synology since it supported AFP natively and performance is wonderfully, as it also has SSD cache to run the sql database etc.

link for your convenience to the Synology Server

Many Thanks


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+1 on hearing from others who might be doing this.


Forgive me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this use an ARM architecture? I don't think casper is written for ARM.
You'd need to find a TOMCAT that works with ARM to even think of doing this.


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While I have not tried this, it might actually be possible with the unit you have. Some units are ARM and some are intel, which I think your unit is an intel processor. There is a tomcat package for the intel models but not the ARM ones.

I would suspect you can enable the MySQL, tomcat, and java packages and use the manual JSS install (root.war) to get it working possibly.

I have a DS212j at home (its a great machine) and its ARM so I don't think I can get tomcat running. I'd definitely be interested to hear how you make out with it.

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@Babbmann you are right TOMCAT only works for Intel processors and lucky we do have the version that supports it as brian.flynn has stated.

I did try to do it but ran out of time so had to fall back to using a mac for the front end.

Will try again in the coming month once we have completed some testing for a different project.

Will get a guide up and running if I manage to get it to work which I am sure is possible from what I have read just need some time to play with it.

Many thanks for the input and feedback.