Anyone seeing any Macs dropping from an AD domain after 10.13.4 update?

New Contributor

Just wondering. We have a few Macs, and I worry more may be on the way that need to be unbound and re-bound after updating to 10.13.4 to get AD logins working.

Also does anyone know where Mac OS logs AD activity? I've been bashing my head for the better part of an hour now trying to figure it out.

We are using our JSS to bind new Macs we get with DEP to the domain as a Directory Binding and I'm trying to figure out were the problem is coming from, much less if it's even a problem.



i've had a few iMacs that i've had to unbind/bind to get our AD accounts access to login again, but our iMacs are still running 10.12.6. Seems to happen at random to ours, can't find any correlation between the devices beside OSX version. I plan on submitting a ticket to look into this issue next time I find an iMac that needs to be bound to AD again.