App Installers - How to convert from self-uploaded pkg to App Installer?

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Before version 10.47, App Installers were not relevant for us as there was no Self Service option. Most of our apps were distributed from uploading pkg and installing via a policy (from Self Service).

We only install very few apps during enrollment and let the users decide for themselves what they want from Self Service.

Now our users may already have installed Chrome or Firefox (or other apps). How do I get them to use the one from the Jamf Catalog?

I already created these apps from Jamf App Catalog, but as I understand, this will only auto-update if you install it from the App Installer. So do I need to ask all users to uninstall and then reinstall their apps?

Or is there a way I can automate this?



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For now create a smart group scoped to the app and another mac app scoped to that group, yes you’ll need to duplicate, one for self service, one to update apps already installed

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So if I create a smartgroup for "computers with Google Chrome installed" and then creates another Jamf App Catalog app and scopes it to this group, it will automatically install the Jamf version of Google Chrome to all these machines over the original version?

Then once this has happened, can I delete the smart group and additional Jamf app again (so that I only have the one which is in Self Service)?

@michael_madsen if you want App Installers to be able to keep Chrome updated on machines where it hadn't performed the initial install (i.e via the "computers with Google Chrome installed" smart group), you will want to keep both App Installers deployments configured. One for publishing in Self Service and the other for patching.

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