Question regarding iOS app updates


Is there any way with JAMF to schedule when iOS apps update themselves so that they're not trying to update willy nilly throughout the day? We have some users who are complaining that their apps try to update at inopportune times. Force updates are set on, but it's my understanding that if we didn't have that then they'd have to manually update their apps via self-service? Ideally I'd want to set it to just run updates overnight if that is a possibility in JAMF Pro.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Go to Settings -> Device Management -> App Maintenance. Check the box next to "Schedule Jamf Pro to automatically check iTunes for app updates," set your ITUNES SYNC TIME (we have ours set to 1:00 AM), and check the box next to "Automatically Force App Updates." That should do it for you!



That's the way ours is set too but it still updates the apps randomly for users throughout the day.

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For our cloud instance, that sync time is in GMT which may make a difference on when updates go out. Also, the device can't install if it is locked, so that might be part of what is happening.

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Has anyone enabled app updates for the Zoom Rooms app? Wondering how it behaves since we don't use Zoom Device Manager which is pretty much all Zoom Support focus on.

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Now that we've all been down the Zoom Rooms iOS update road a few times this year, I'm wondering if anyone has specific experience with automatically updating the Zoom Rooms app using Jamf?

My concern is the behavior afterwards and timing, e.g. we can't have Zoom Room iPads go down during the day to install an update.

Did you ever figure this out? We have a few iPads with a config profile that enables the 'Single App Mode' for the Zoom Rooms app. The Zoom Rooms app doesn't seem to be regularly updating. We have a couple iPads that aren't on the latest version, when go to the Zoom Rooms app in Jamf and do a 'Force Update' - it says the command/install is 'Completed' on each iPad, but it's not actually updating Zoom Rooms. I'm wondering if this has to do with the Single App Mode.

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I would try sending a restart command and then the force update. See what happens, if the App version changes..

Thanks. I think it had to do with the config profile we push out to these Zoom Rooms controller iPads that locks them to the Zoom Rooms app. I had to unscope that profile, force the app to update, and reboot to reliably get the app to actually update. But I think that config profile was preventing the app from updating like normal.

What did you do for the change in the configuration profile?


We are experiencing the same. Restarting the iPads after the force app update is hit or miss.

I haven't changed anything. I might try and work something better out. When the Zoom Rooms app needs an update:

1. Unscope the config profile that locks the iPad(s) to that app and verify it got pulled (usually happens very quickly)

2. Click 'Force Update' in the Zoom Rooms app in Jamf

3. Wait a little bit, reboot the iPad (this step seems necessary for some reason)

4. Have someone relaunch the updated Zoom Rooms app

With the config profile restriction in place, I look in management history, and it says Zoom Rooms is getting updated and installed, but it's not.

I've been doing the same steps but would like it to be more automatic.

I have found that the config profile that locks the app (single app mode) usually boots the ipads back up into Zoom Rooms when added back to scope. Although some ipads have been not doing so lately.

Yep, it's a little clunky for sure. I think the app-locked iPads will accept MDM iPadOS update pushes, but similarly Zoom Rooms has to be manually re-opened after those (as the iPad rebooted) as well. Would be cool to be able to open an iOS/iPadOS app remotely. Maybe someday.